Colonial Glassmaking

A normal day in the glass workshop. I mix sand, chemicals and intense heat to shape glass into vases and cups. Making glass is very dangerous and can can really hurt you if you get too close to the furnace. How I shape the glass is I blow into a long hollow pole. The air makes a bubble in the glass and it shapes it. That is how I make glass. After I shape the glass I take the glass out and put it in water to cool it down. After I’m done with that I have a perfect glass vase or cup. Then I sell them. I love my job.

Colonial Leaders

Who is Nathaniel Bacon

1.  Bacon Rebelience

2. Frontiersman

3. Indian Trade

4. 820 acres

5. Plantation

6. Full attack on murderers

7. Apologized to Berkley

8. Less violent attack

9. Put Jamestown under slege

10. Burned village to the ground

That is Nathaniel Bacon

Halloween Story

One day I woke up feeling weird. I looked outside and the sky looked like it was turning night. I remember that I went to bed at my bed time yesterday, unless I didn’t sleep at all I thought it was a coincidence but soon I would know. I went to the kitchen and straight to the fridge and heard some flapping wings outside. It wasn’t a bird’s wings it was way louder way louder like an airplane or something like that. I looked outside and saw what thought I would never see. A DRAGON! The dragon looked through the kitchen window right at me and then he looked at the fridge. It scared me so much I thought I was going to pass out. Then out of no where, the dragon lands on the ground and came towards me. So i ran as swift as I could out of the house, which was a dumb idea because the dragon was outside. I ran around in circles cause I was freaking out. But I didn’t realize that the dragon was right in front of me! I ran into it and knocked my glasses off. I looked for them and every time I looked the dragon would get in front of me. Then I thought of something, the dragon had a collar on. So I found a rope and hopped on. The dragon flapped its wings and the next thing I knew I was 5,000 feet in the sky. Then I realized that there was a mummy holding on to the dragons foot so I kicked it off. Then the dragon landed on a lab. The dragon wouldn’t move but after a long time it finally moved. I knew we were on a dangerous  journey.


Homecoming is about welcoming back alumni and former residents. People also have a game of American Football.This year we had a parade,and played games.We only do Homecoming every 3 years.It is a very special event.

9/11 Reflections





I learned that more than 3,000 lives were lost that day. My thoughts were why did the terrorists attack us Americans? I also learned that over 700 firefighters died that same day. I was very sad that a lot of people died and that the family members of the people who died cried a lot.

Pumpkin Patch

Once upon a time a red pumpkin was growing in the sweet smelling pumpkin patch.There was a firm,strong farmer and he went into the big red barn and came out with a long sharp ax.He cut my long stem and put me in a steady blue truck.